Bath Bomb Mania

We wanted to chat with everyone about bath bombs. We know how much people love them and we also know how many people have asked us to step up our game when it comes to bringing different types, scents, etc. We are happy to announce that we have added quite a few more to our already packed store! We have made more without glitter, as asked by many, and we have added varieties that we have never had before! This is a big step for us so we are happy to see them flying off the shelves! Let's touch base about some important things about our bath bombs. 

Each of our bath bombs (regular size) is 4.5 ounce or the size of a tennis ball. Most of them do have color and we have found that some people get stuck with the color on their tubs. Not to worry, it will come off and it is all natural! The best natural ways to get it off the tub is by using vinegar. Fill up your tub with hot water then add three cups of white vinegar to the hot water. Let it soak for 3 to 4 hours and then it should come right off. You can also use the magic erasers too for a quicker treatment. Glitter from the bath bomb will come off that way too. 

Speaking of glitter, we have heard all of the requests and we do have many bath bombs without glitter. We also are using biodegradable glitter. We have gone through and updated pretty much all of the inventory for which bath bombs have glitter and which do not. We will continue to do this as we make more. Thank you all for your patience with this. We know it can be tough for some people to use the bath bombs with glitter and we are here to help make it easier. 

Lastly, we want everyone to know that each bath bomb is made by hand. We have a very small operation and we do not have space for machines. Even our lotions are used with 2 hands and glass stir sticks! We want every product to be made with love and special ingredients for every one of our customers. The bath bombs are made with citric acid (this causes it to fizz), baking soda, sunflower oil, sea salt, organic shea butter, organic essential oils, flower and root powders for color, some do contain mica and glitter. The flower and root powders actually come from our farm so it is a great feeling that we are using all of our resources to make you the best quality products possible.

Thank you again for helping us on this journey! We are extremely grateful for the last few years. We hope to see more of you soon and continue to add new scents to our collection. 

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