Reasons to Switch to Handmade Soap

Many of our customers love our soaps, but if you are not quite on board for using handmade bar soaps, we have some reasons why you should. Not only do we take the most pride in making these for you, we use the best ingredients. We use natural ingredients, along with organic and pure essential oils. There are quite a few other reasons that you should jump on the handmade soap train!
Softer Skin
When you begin to use our handmade soaps, you will notice that you have softer and silkier skin. Goat's milk helps to moisturize your skin and nourish it. It can also help to prevent itchy and dry skin. All the natural ingredients that we use in our soaps can also help to protect your pipes and drains. This, in turn, helps us to protect our lakes, rivers, and oceans. 
This leads us to helping out our planet with natural and environmentally friendly packaging and ingredients. 
Environmental Help
Helping out the planet is everyone's job. We know that the business that we are in has a tendency to get a bad name because of all of the packaging and shipping we do. We want to tell you all that the packaging that we use for soaps are either organza bags, that are usable, or they are compostable boxes that can go right into your compost bin. We have completely wiped out the use of palm oil in all of our products, so you will see that gone on all of the ingredients lists. There are harmful chemicals in many soaps that you buy in the store, so buying soaps from us will help you feel better by helping the planet. 
Help us to do our part and order our natural soap bars. There are many scent options and if you ever want to request a scent or mold type, we are always open to it! There may be molds we cannot get, but we will do our best to meet all of our customer's needs. 
Happy Shopping. 

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