We have so many great soaps that we honestly want them all to go to a great home: YOURS! That's right. Every soap that we have made right now is 50% off! We have made a lot of changes to the soap recipes and they are now the best ever!! Your skin is going to be so happy with the ingredients in our soaps!

Every soap is made with Goat's Milk, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, all natural root colorants, all natural mica powders, organic essential oils. If there is glitter in your soap, it is biodegradable now too! 


Each soap is packaged in a reusable, organza cloth bag or a compostable box. There are some that still have shrink wrap on them, but we are phasing those out in order to do our part in helping our planet. 

This sale won't last long so jump on the site and check out all of the great soaps that we have to offer you!

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